You feel fantastic when it’s raining

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A few drops of water landed on my head. I began to feel cold. Light flashed, clouds fought and floated. One, Two, Three, and then several drips had fallen.

Clouds were shedding tears, and tears were falling from the sky. The rain began to fall. The rain made it gloomy inside.

Rain was falling rapidly across the region and was coming down from the clouds. There was constant lightning and thunder, and silver liquid drops from the rain fell on my head.

The day was engulfed in clouds and the sky was grey. …

In nature you feel completely comfortable

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What a lovely sky, and how lovely it looks at night when the stars twinkle and their brightness so charming. A large number of stars cover the blue sky and turns it white. The stars shine, and among them, a dazzling body known as the moon emerges.

On a gloomy night, you can sense how beautiful the moon is. You can’t see anything without the moon. Everything is possible in their presence. you will be drawn to the moonlight and will feel good with nature. There will be no noise, no pollution and you will feel at ease.

The sun…

What did I feel during a forest journey — a poem which is really close to nature

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Thank you, GOD, for blessing us with moonlight,
What a beautiful sight that is on a June night.

After a long journey, I arrived in the forest,
Dealing with unsafe roads was the worst.
My vehicle had a problem with the headlights,
Thank you, GOD, for blessing us with moonlight.
My shadow has suddenly vanished,
Because of fear, all of my energy was wasted.
At a distance. There was going on a bullfight,
Thank you, GOD, for blessing us with moonlight.
The trees were in a deeper sleep anyway,
As the wind and leaves were in the mood to play.
I was enjoying the moment…

I spent a day in the forest — what I learned on that particular day

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I decided to spend a day in the forest. So, I began walking towards the forest, encountering risky paths along the walk. I was exhausted after traveling such a long distance. After facing all of these barriers, I reached my destination.

Everything in the forest welcomed me with warmth. The weather was cloudy, and the clouds were looking at me. They were on the point of bursting and raining down on the forest, including me.

When I went too close, the river was flowing beautifully and captivating me. They simply murmured to me that “I should spend some time with…

It is a place between heaven and earth

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Let’s go for a walk in the forest,

Welcome to the society of trees if you want to learn strength and patience.


They all have their unique voices, sounds, muttering murmurs, and scents. Where they coexist peacefully with their neighbors, just as we do in other parts of the world. Every tree has its own individuality and natural appearance.


The sun shines on the forest tree's leaf surface. A powerful yellow light spilled beneath the branches. My shadow emerged and vanished on the path. The woodlands are nature’s flags.

They appeal to everyone and inspire universal emotions. When…

The only way to overcome your anxiety in public speaking is to face your fear

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Fear of public speaking is one of the most commonly reported forms of anxiety. It is also known as glossophobia. Over 70% of people feel nervous when it comes to speaking in public. This fear leads your personal and professional life in trouble.

Fear in public speaking may lead you to nervousness, shaking hands, palm-sweating, shortness of breath, and in some people, the fear is even higher than the fear of death. Your memory can be affected by high levels of stress. In this article, I will tell you about how to eliminate fear in public speaking.

The Best Ways…

Forest a Place of Happiness: An Attractive Poem.

A place where your thoughts find rest.

Let’s move into the forest,

Where the beauty of trees, softness of the air and fragrance of the flowers, speaks to you. You see an unlock door with a welcoming window.

Where time goes slow but your thoughts find rest.trees will pass by your face. The leaves like the wind and went with it.

Where I loose my mind, and found my soul. Drinking cold water for long time gets cold into my body.

Where passing a train distrub the silence. I heared the wild flowers singing a song.

Where my heart with pleasure fills and dances with daffodiles. There…

TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS: The Best Practices You Should Try

Time management skills are the way towards getting sorted out and arranging how to split your time between explicit activities. Happy using time effectively empowers you to work more intelligently.

So you complete more in less time. It builds adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency. It is vital in work environment and regular day to day existence. In this article I will tell you about the best practices of time management skills.

The Best and Effective Time Management Skills:


Planning plays a vital part in successful using time effectively. An individual necessities…

How to Live a Happy Life: 10 Perfect Ways You Should Try

Happy life is that, the feeling of actually enjoying your life and thus the need to make absolutely the better of looks completely different for everyone. Happiness sure as shooting is among the sole of human emotions and thus the foremost spontaneous. Its scales live typically accustomed measure, social progress and thus the success of public policies .But happiness is not one thing that simply happens to you. It comes not from outside however it comes from within. …

Let’s introduce myself.

Hi every one, my name is hidayatullah, I have done my masters in microbiology in 2018.I am much keen on reading books and writing articles.currently, i’m writing on health and fitness,life style,beauty of nature and tourism.I m requesting from experienced writer that you should promote the new writers ,so that they could gain the confidence and write the eye catching content.


Hi, I am Hidayatullah. I've done Masters in Microbiology.I am a passionate writer and writing about Health and Fitness,Beauty of Nature, Life Style and Tourism.

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